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"Isaac Deas is a man of character, a giver and a doer who inspires by example. I am proud to have him on our Foundation Board and count him among our best adjunct faculty because I know he cares deeply for his students and possesses a passion for learning.  I also know Isaac as a dedicated community activist who is always ready to volunteer to help someone in need and make this a better place to live.""

Dr. Charles R. Mojock, President
Lake-Sumter Community College
Leesburg, Florida

"Dr. Deas displays a commitment and passion to improving the community and the lives of those individuals he encounters.  From his personal ministry and faith to his volunteer spirit, he has always impressed me as an individual who invests in others focusing on lifting them up higher to assure they are reaching their full potential in all aspects of their life.  These are characteristics not often found in today's busy society and ones to be cherished."

Phyllis Baum
CEO Leesburg Regional Medical Center
Leesburg, Florida

Keynote Speaker, National Association of Youth Courts Conference, Orlando, Florida

" I know who you are, even though we've never really met...yet.  That was how Isaac opened his inspiring address to a roomful of dedicated youth advocates whose mission is keeping teenagers out of trouble and on a positive path to success.

Dr. Deas continued, "You're looking at a man in a nice sport coat and silk pocket square, but I haven't always worn such good looking clothes.  There were times when my clothes were filthy and my mind clouded with any drug or drink I could beg, buy, borrow or steal.

Isaac then proceed to affirm the commitment each attendee has for their personal and professional roles. You are who others made you...for good or bad....don't ever think you came to this place on this day all alone.  You are here because you have been led, and your acceptance of a role to assist others is rooted in your experience of being assisted yourself.

The message was clear and convincing....because it resonated not only in the ears, but in the heart.  Isaac knows what to say because he's lived a life of varied experiences, both positive and challenging.  All of his experiences have led him to become a strong and sustaining force for good.

Isaac Deas is a man of accomplishment....educational, emotional and as an agent of empowerment.  His passion is leading people of all ages to accept their power of transformation....for themselves and others.  Isaac believes that words are only sets of letters unless they are used as levers for change.....in spiritual and sensational ways.

When I review the roster of advocates I've met over the years who have made a significant difference in the lives of people they touch, Isaac Deas stands out for his sincerity and powerful spark of energy.  The man does not just preach, he teaches how to pray.  He not only counsels, he exemplifies how to be a self-change agent."

Jack Levine
4Generations Institute

Jack Levine, 4 Generations Institute,
Annetta Wilson, Your Coach for Success,
Dr. Isaac Deas

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